Lawn Mowing Services

Regular lawn mowing and maintenance are essential to maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn. Amazing View expert lawn mowing service guarantees weekly mowing intervals during the mowing season, approximately from April 1 through early November. We use superior mowing equipment equipped with sharp cutting edges to protect plant material and ensure a high-quality cut. Trimming is done around all trees, beds, signs, and fences. We also perform edging along sidewalks, walkways and curbs to complete a clean, professional look. Finally, dirt and debris are cleared from all paved and bedded areas, and mowed clippings are always recycled and spread back into the turf to naturally promote a lush lawn all year long.

Every mowing service includes lawn mowing, lawn trimming (weed whipping, weed whacking or weed eating), and blowing clippings from hard surfaces. Edging is included in all recurring services, and performed only on concrete driveways and sidewalks/walkways where they meet the lawn.